Friday's Fedora Facts: 2023-13

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Here’s your weekly Fedora report. Read what happened this week and what’s coming up. Your contributions are welcome (see the end of the post)!

I have weekly office hours most Wednesdays in the morning and afternoon (US/Eastern time). Drop by if you have any questions or comments about the schedule, Changes, elections, or anything else. See the upcoming meetings for more information.



Conference Location Date CfP
DevConf US Boston, MA, US 16–18 Aug closes 3 Apr
Upstream virtual 7 Jun closes 7 Apr
openSUSE Conference 2023 Nürnberg, DE 26–28 May closes 9 Apr
TechBash Mount Pocono, PA, US 7–10 Nov closes 11 Apr
Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference Portland, OR, US and virtual 9–11 Oct closes 16 Apr
Web Weekend Kathmandu Kathmandu, NP 23–24 Sep closes 21 Apr
DevRelCon London London, UK 7–8 Sep closes 21 Apr
Cincy Deliver Cincinnati, OH, US 28 Jul closes 30 Apr
ShipIt Con Dublin, IE 1 Sep closes 1 May
Indy.Code() Indianapolis, IN, US 10–11 Aug closes 30 Apr
FOSS Security Campus Berlin, DE 26–29 Sep closes 14 May
React Norway Larvik, NO 16 Jun closes 15 May
Write The Docs Atlantic virtual 10–12 Sep closes 15 May
Front Conference Zurich, CH 31 Aug–1 Sep closes 31 May
Inclusive Design 24 virtual 21 Sep closes 4 Jun
NodeConf EU Kilkenny, IE 6–8 Nov closes 28 Jun

Help wanted

Upcoming test days

Meetings & events


Release open bugs
F36 4502
F37 3950
F38 (pre-release) 1158
Rawhide 6892

Prioritized Bugs

See the Prioritized Bugs documentation for information on the process, including how to nominate bugs.

Bug ID Component Status
2015490 initial-setup ON_QA

Fedora Linux 38


Bug Component Status Blocker status
2171350 kernel NEW Accepted (Final)
2179591 plasma-workspace NEW Accepted (Final)
2113005 shim NEW Accepted (Final)
2177153 abrt VERIFIED Proposed (Final)
2183034 podman NEW Proposed (Final)


Below are some upcoming schedule dates. See the schedule website for the full schedule.

  • 2023-04-04Final freeze begins
  • 2023-04-18 — Final release early target date


The table below lists Changes status. See the ChangeSet page or Bugzilla for more information.

Status Count
ON_QA 45

Fedora Linux 39


The table below lists proposed Changes. See the ChangeSet page or Bugzilla for information on approved Changes.

Proposal Type Status
SPDX License Phase 2 System-Wide FESCo #2972
EC2 AMIs default to the gp3 EBS volume type Self-Contained FESCo #2974
Register EC2 Cloud Images with IMDSv2-only AMI flag Self-Contained FESCo #2975
Changes of defaults in createrepo_c-1.0.0 System-Wide FESCo #2976
Register EC2 Cloud Images with uefi-preferred AMI flag Self-Contained Announced
RPM 4.19 System-Wide Announced


Have something you want included? You can file an issue or submit a pull request in the fedora-pgm/pgm_communication repo.

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