Fresh Fedora KDE crashing

So I’ve just installed Fedora 37 KDE surfing firefox for 5 minutes before the computer completely locks up forcing a shutdown. Was the same with standard Fedora.

Hardware issue? driver issue? Could be anything. To solve this we need hardware specs and logs

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Well it ran perfect on windows. I think it’s a RAM thing as its when the tabs increase. But windows 11 could manage?
Where can I find logs?

I assume you mean what we normally call a “memory leak” (rather than a hardware problem in ram or other “ram” issues).

That is surprising, but not impossible. I few years ago, I often visited a few websites that caused firefox to leak memory. Shutting down firefox and restarting it would fix the problem if I did it soon enough. But if I waited too long, shutting down firefox would then take so long that rebooting was much faster. I stopped visiting those sites (for other reasons) but since then firefox has gotten much better, which is why your having such a problem is surprising.

When I had such firefox problems, they were worse on Windows 10 than on Linux. I really expect they would be worse on Windows 11 than on 10. But what browser do you use on Windows? Ordinary web sites get repaired by whoever maintains them, if anything they do breaks the Microsoft of Google browsers. But web site maintainers don’t normally do the same for firefox.

Run sudo dnf dsync --refresh (to make sure you’re up to date), reboot and paste here hardware and software info from:

sudo inxi -SMGCImaz

Gather logs by running journalctl -eb -1 right after you reboot from a lock-up or start firefox from a terminal and keep the terminal visible while using FF.

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