Freezes at booting

Was updating, the battery died got stuck in the booting screen. Amateur here please help.
Found some similar issues where they said to remove kernel and some commands, where to type those commands?

I also tried booting with usb but it didn’t work at all, donj’t know why.

Can you boot to Fedora live media and restart the install from scratch - sorry, my mind wandered to new install? (Plug in your power adapter first.) Even if you’re not interested in a fresh install, your first step might be to boot from a live media and then use that to troubleshoot, save, or restore. Are you worried about losing something (what?) if you take that approach? You didn’t tell us much about your system or what the goal was for the original install. That info would be helpful plus anything else about your system that you can find and report once you’re able to boot to it.

Good luck!


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Thank you so much