Freeworld drivers freezing the system when playing video

I’ve just let DNF update run after ignoring it for a while (about a month) and now the system hangs when playing a video in either VLC or MPV. The screen blinks twice, then everything just stops, can’t even switch to other tty.
I’ve been using the mesa-va-drivers-freeworld and mesa-vdpau-drivers-freeworld without many issues ever since they became necessary but today it seems that I have to stop. Once I’ve swapped the -freeworld ones for the regular ones I have no issues, but there’s also no acceleration for pretty much the most popular formats currently available for most of us.
The one difference I’ve noticed is that the regular drivers have different source (Source: mesa-24.1.2-7.fc40.src.rpm) compared to freeworld ones (Source: mesa-freeworld-24.1.2-1.fc40.src.rpm).

Has anyone encountered similar issues? Is there a way to keep my hardware acceleration or should I just try updating later to see if it’s been fixed?

Might be a mesa issue.

You can test it by running sudo dnf downgrade mesa\*

However, the original bug seems to have been fixed (see here for details), and fix should be available in the stable repos, according to this comment, with mesa version 24.1.2-7.fc40.

This seems to be confirmed by your tests too. From your post you can notice that mesa is now at the “right” version, the mesa-freeworld one not yet.

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