Found a possible bug, should I open a Bugzilla report?


I found a bug in toolbox which is also present in the podman and buildah. It seems to be related to DNS. I have searched Bugzilla, this forum and in Github. I did find something similar only in Gihub’s repos for podman. Should I open in Github or Bugzilla?

The bug is as follows:
On a fresh install of F31 Workstation from a Live USB…

$ podman pull ******************************
Trying to pull registry*************fedora-toolbox:31...
  Get URL: dial tcp: lookup registry.*********** on read udp> i/o timeout
Error: error pulling image "************": unable to pull r*******: unable to pull image: Error initializing source docker URL: Get URL: dial tcp: lookup r******* on read udp> i/o timeout

Before you ask, name resolution is fine on my laptop. Nothing else has a problem. I even fired up Wireshark and I can see normal DNS traffic generated by both podman and toolbox.

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I think I will go ahead and report it directly to the Github project for podman.


Either your DNS server is not running, or the client has no access to it.
It may be due to a firewall configuration, or disabled forwarding in case it involves virtualization.


Thank you for your reply.

It seems that there is a bug in package go/net. I opened issue #35521 on GitHub.

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