Forum group titles (e.g. "Leader") are misleading

This forum shows “leader” next to some persons name. The forum doesn’t show the leader notation (badge) for the members of Fedora Council. This seems to be misleading to me.


Hi @till, good catch. I split this post off from the other thread to make sure it doesn’t get buried.

Do you have specific usernames of people with the title next to their name? I know what and where this feature is, but I could not see anyone in the last thread who had the title. Maybe my view is different than yours?

If you can share usernames, I can help get to the bottom of it and we can figure out what is better.

I saw it at

and it links to which states:

You’re a leader in this community as selected by staff, and you set a positive example for the rest of the community in your actions and words here.

This seems to be a generic description that does not make sense when seeing the Fedora project as a community and not this forum which is just a piece of it.

Hello @till,
I know I have this title simply in this discussion forum which is only a fraction of the community that is Fedora. I may drop using the title since it is a bit misleading. it does make me think of what I choose to say a bit more than if I was just someone commenting on a topic. I am wondering if you have a concern with what I said.

We can rename them, and probably should. See the list of badges here, and particularly the “trust levels” ones. They definitely tend to be focused on forum participation. Here are some thing I think we should consider renaming:

  • Licensed
  • Certified
  • New User of the Month
  • Wiki Editor
  • Champion
  • Devotee
  • Enthusiast
  • Aficionado
  • Gives Back
  • Respected
  • Promoter

Actually, as I think about it, I think maybe the answer for most of these is to add the word “Forum” or “Discussion”, to make it clear that that’s the scope. That’d be really easy to do.

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Thank you for your perspective. I only mentioned your post because this is where I saw this. The concern that I have is that this place introduces a trust level/titles that are not based on the merit contributors have in the full project but only in this subspace. Thinking more about this, it seems to be wrong to me that elected representatives are considered less trustworthy than someone who fulfills some internal criteria for this forum (not properly stating these criteria is another problem in my opinion). To continue this, why are people who a trusted to publish code, review packages, sponsor new maintainers not considered as trustworthy here?

I understand that the internal value system for this forum might make sense in communities that only exist in the forum but not that much if the forum is only one part of the community.

I’m going to go ahead and do the renames. If I rename something to something that could be even better than what I come up with, we can always adjust later.

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Yes, the titles are confusing from the POV of the entire project. I am forgoing my title usage since I am not really a person with a predisposition to titles or attaching acronyms to the end on my name. Clarity of roles is important for the community in general and those with the specific roles in particular. Just asking was all, and sorry for butting into council conversations, but this is definitely a more open space than the mailing lists.

Ugh, well, looks like that’s not actually possible without direct database access. So please hold tight. In the meantime, I’m going to uncheck the ability to use them as “flair”.

Okay, this is now done. Let me know if I’ve missed anything.

Also, I renamed “Basic User” to “First-Level Forum User”, which I like, but that makes the next level “Forum Member” not very clear. Suggestions for replacing that and third-level “Forum Regular”?

And I’ve disabled the Promoter / Campaigner / Champion badges, as they don’t work with SSO.

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