Forbidden base package replacements


Thanks, now I know it is due to the layered gcc which is probably not that uncommon on dev environments I suppose?


did you try to use fedora-toolbox instead of layering packages for dev “stuff”?


Not yet but thank you for the pointer! Our project setups still rely on docker-compose and so docker so it will probably be hard to move these into containers I suppose. I would love to be able to get rid of most of these overlays but one step at a time.


FWIW if you’re doing app development, you can also do stuff inside a Flatpak SDK (you can enter one via flatpak run --filesystem=home org.freedesktop.Sdk or flatpak run --filesystem=home org.gnome.Sdk). If you’re using GNOME Builder it’ll automatically take care of building inside a Flatpak.


I need the GCC for native library bindings (in ruby and in go). As of today the issue no longer exists and I can just run rpm-ostree upgrade without any issues.

Would still like to find out what the root cause of all this is and if issues like this one will occur frequently. Not big of a deal though.