Footnotes sent in e-mail reply not rendered correctly

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Well, this is odd. Somehow the footnotes are not rendered correctly. At first I thought I forgot to send them. But I did. Trying to edit the post, I can see the footnotes are present:

So, why are they not displayed in the topic, correctly, but as inline, expanded links?

@mattdm as the current FDW, would you have an idea?

Edited your post to fix.

They were like this:


But they need to be like this:


Ah, I see. That explains. But that is what Thunderbird does with long URLs and line breaking. In my send items folder the message I sent looks like:

That is correct formatting. I don’t want to pick on Discourse again, but I really need to understand what I need to change in my settings to make this work, but also keep it workable for me. Breaking lines at between 72 and 80 characters is/was quite common among e-mail clients.

In a smaller, narrower window it still looks correct:


Anyway, I reset mail.wrap_long_lines and plain_text.wrap_long_lines to true, even though that feels like doing the opposite. But these were the only settings related to wrapping, that I had modified.

If that doesn’t help, I will need to find some Thunderbird guru, who can tell me about what black magic I need to perform. :mage: