Following upgrade, Kea-dhcp4 server fails to start due to configuration error

Following a recent dnf upgrade of the kea-dhcp4 package in F40 server spin the package failed to start. Apparently the configuration now requires a manually entered subnet Identifier. Caught me by surprise.

The error:

2024-06-09 10:19:09.922 ERROR [kea-dhcp4.dhcp4/1356.139638861568128] DHCP4_CONFIG_LOAD_FAIL configuration error using
file: /etc/kea/kea-dhcp4.conf, reason: subnet configuration failed: missing parameter ‘id’ (/etc/kea/kea-dhcp4.conf:43:11)

The package post upgrade:

…$ kea-dhcp4 -V
2.6.0 (tarball)
premium: no
linked with:

  • log4cplus 2.1.1
  • OpenSSL 3.2.1 30 Jan 2024
  • MySQL backend 22.0, library 3.3.8
  • PostgreSQL backend 22.0, library 160001
  • Memfile backend 3.0

Information about the the parameter to add to the config file is at the link below if you hit the same issue:

Do you think this issue affects a large number of Server users, so that it should be present in Common Issues ? Is it a bug? Or was your config file invalid, it just didn’t complain before?

Hi Kamil.


According to the doc the parameter is required in 2.6.0, in 2.0.0 it was
automatically assigned if not present
(8. The DHCPv4 Server — Kea 2.0.0 documentation).
Not sure what the prior version was before I upgraded via DNF. My config
worked fine up until the upgrade, so I think it is a new requirement
(versus suggestion) in this new version.

Vendors are allowed to change requirements so not a bug. But it sure
caught me by surprise. Since Kea is the ISC DHCP replacement I have to
believe others walked into this. More like a helpful hint - hence my post.

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Alright, let me move this to Ask Fedora. People can still search for this and find it, and at this moment it doesn’t seem to be a good match for the Common Issues category. In all cases, thanks for sharing your advice.

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