Flutter SDE in Fedora

Here is the URL: Linux install | Flutter

This sort of came out of the blue…

Is anybody working on getting the Flutter SDE included in Fedora? I haven’t heard much about it, and thought it was solely for phone apps, but a package I support yubiauth-desktop has abandoned Qt and switched to Flutter for it’s new release. So, my assumption that it was only for phone apps was obviously mistaken.

I did a quick search in the packaging guidelines and AFAIK, Flutter isn’t even mentioned, so looks like this is something we haven’t contemplated as a project.

If we don’t somehow support Flutter, the days for yubioath-desktop in the Fedora repo are numbered.

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It’s pretty neat — I’ve been playing with it. It installs pretty easily into one’s home directory using the official tooling. I’m not sure how easy it would be to package up in the traditional way. It does seem like it is increasingly important to have some way to be able to build Flutter apps in our build system.

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OK, I’ve opened a ticket with the packaging committee, to get their thoughts. Seems to me if we’re going to support it (which I believe we probably should, but that’s not my decision) we’re going to need some guidelines published. Probably going to take a bit of time.