Flock 2024 CFP extended to April 29th

Originally published at: Flock 2024 CFP extended to April 29th – Fedora Community Blog

The Flock to Fedora 2024 call for proposals (CFP) is now extended to Monday, April 29th 2024 at 11:59 PM US Eastern. Now is the last chance to get your great idea or topic into the Flock 2024 CFP before it closes. This will be the only extension and the new deadline is final.

See the previous announcement for more details about the Flock 2024 CFP. You can also submit directly at cfp.fedoraproject.org. For general questions about Flock and the CFP, join the Fedora Chat room on Matrix, #flock:fedoraproject.org.


aww and I took time to submit a proposal over the weekend :sweat_smile:


We do appreciate on-time (and early!) submissions!

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yeah… it’s tricky with several CFPs closing close to each other! I was in a holding pattern waiting for the DevConf.CZ CFP results, to decide what to submit to DevConf.US :stuck_out_tongue:

It came out just in time… today.