Flicker free boot in thinkpad t-530/thinkpad helix?

Hi, I noticed that in some laptops, flicker free boot shows up a lenovo/hp/dell logo, but in others -thinkpad t530, thinkpad helix, from 2013- it shows only the spinner… Is there any way to make it work in this machines or is something thtat works in new models? Both machines are in UEFI-secure boot mode, but they have ivy bridge processors…, Is flicker free boot targeted towards new models only?

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Maybe, I’m not aware of any novelty, because it is not supposed to work with amd/nvidia graphic cards?
Edit: but I’m not sure.

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Perhaps you should check the BIOS/EFI fastboot setting.

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Here you can find a detailed FAQ: Flicker Free Boot FAQ - Hans' hacking log — LiveJournal


Thanks, i’ve checked it. It’s strange: i do have a
but i don’t have any
the system is in uefi mode, CSM is disabled from bios settings and there is no vga display, only “thinkpad lcd”.
I’ve added the i915.fastboot parameter to the kernel, but i see always a black screen between the manufacturer logo and the spinner.
any clue?