Flatpaks update want to redownload the same program versions over and over?

Why flatpaks update want to redownload the same program versions over and over?
Is there a way to download only when a new program version is released?

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This is not normal. You could try to uninstall it and install it again. Afaik this is an app problem, not flatpak in general.

Also it may look like it downloads it, but actually only the differences between local and remote, still annoying.

It is not just one program, but many. For example today: two new programs released (Freedesktop.Platform, Mesa) and three programs that are already at the same release version (Kdenlive, mpv, etc.).

Sometimes I am using mobile internet and it downloads huge amounts of data that seems unnecesary. Why flatpaks might be doing that and how to fix?

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Can you check on the command line to get more details perhaps?

flatpak update

should show you the updates.

Also, are you sure you only have the flatpaks installed and not also the rpm packages, in which case you’ll receive updates for both?

sudo dnf list --upgrades

will show you rpm package updates.

Finally, in the settings bit, you should be able to mark connections as “metred” to prevent them from being used for automatic updates

flatpak history --reverse --since="1day" --columns=all

You should see the commits changing.

To look at a specific runtime you can do something like the below to see the current commit:
flatpak remote-info flathub org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/45

To see all the commits
flatpak remote-info flathub --log org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/45


Sorry, I had to mention that I am using Silverblue. This command doesn’t work.

I do not understand what are those commits are they like checksums to verify an update?

I ran the command on program Kdenlive and it shows, I guess, history of my updates, But I can not see versions of Kdenlive just a description of a fix. Does that mean that all the updates even if they are not release updates fix something in flatpaks releases?
Could you please explain a little more?

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Flatpak is built on ostree, which is similar to git. Each update is an ostree commit. Only modified files are downloaded (or sometimes even less than that with static deltas).

Flatpak has no native concept of versions (only commits), so updates can happen without a change in the version number.

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But how to see a particular program’s commit that is installed on a computer (so that I could check with flathub server’s)?

It is possible to see currently, installed programs commits in an app called “Warehouse” (when viewing properties there is a section called “Active Commit”).
Yes, Chris Williams is right flatpak updates are not related to programs release updates.
It is not flatpaks malfunction they work this way.
So, if a program is working well and it is not a new release then it is better not to download when a network data is precious. :slight_smile:
Thank you for explanations

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