Flatpak works only with sudo

I discovered when I installed Fedora 38 on a friend’s PC that flatpak only works with sudo privilege, which means that gnome software is unable to install or update any applications.
It is not possible for my friend to use the terminal:slight_smile:
I believe that no flatpak package should by default require admin access from gnome software.
Although I’ve already attempted to use various commands (flatpak --user repair), the issue persists.

Why? Also your friends login should be part of the wheel group, which is sudoer, providing the installation was done as per default. For the record, Flatpak is always defaulted to system, but any user can use it as themselves by adding the --user option switch to the flatpak command. Still it should work ootb without specifying the --user option.

You’re right, Flatpak shouldn’t need sudo permissions. It seems like the recent ostree-libs update is causing a problem with Flatpak. [Bug]: Can’t install an application on void linux (Writing content object: Need more input).

I was actually surprised that you can install flatpak app with sudo. You can also try this solution (#5452 (comment)) to downgrade ostree-libs and use flatpak normally without sudo priviledge.

I think, the user is on the wheel group.

[valentina@fedora ~]$ grep wheel /etc/group
[valentina@fedora ~]$ groups valentina
valentina : valentina wheel
[valentina@fedora ~]$ 

I tried to downgrade ostree-libs but nothing has changed.

How does the system respond when you use GNOME Software or Flatpak without sudo permissions? Do any error messages appear?

Hello @azarok ,
You should do a sudo flatpak repair to see if the installation of flatpak itself is okay. Then come back with it’s results.

No error messages…
Is there any way to see the log or launch the gnome software application via terminal?

Fixed :slight_smile:

After I added the user to /etc/sudoers (rebooted the pc) and run the sudo flatpack repair, I’m able to install any applications without sudo privilege. This applied to the gnome software as well.
Thank you.