Flatpak update crushing

Recently I have received an update in flatpak and when I try to install it, it ends up as an error.

I use debian stretch 9.8
Flatpak 1.2.3 (installed through debian backport)

Any can help figuring out why this update is not working, and also do I really need nightly builds?

Hmm this is definitely pretty odd! …but it’s also a bit off-topic for this forum. Maybe wait a bit and then try again? Given that this is the nightly branch, maybe try again in a few hours? Or if you don’t need nightly builds, just try removing org.gnome.Platform//master.

For future questions like this, check out the Flatpak mailing list.

I have had this error for days actually. Before I wasn’t able to update other software, but now I able and still I can’t rollback that update.

I am not certain what Gnome Nightly has that Gnome doesn’t, but it may not matter to you. So to answer your question, no you don’t HAVE to have Gnome Nightly remote configured, unless there is something specific to it you are currently using. Maybe try flatpak repair to see if that helps.

If you don’t need the nightly apps, then sudo flatpak remote-delete gnome-nightly should fix that.