Flatpak Installation over WIFI Fails

Has anyone had problems installing or updating Flatpaks over WIFI? Most of the time the installation fails due to the downloads stalling. I never have this problem installing from the Fedora repositories or .rpms from other sources, so it’s puzzling. When I have this problems with Flatpaks, I plug in through the Ethernet port and everything works. Anyhow, I thought this worth mentioning and am interested in others’ observations

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It might be related to specific download server or mirror, round robin and regional load balancing and connection-specific resolver settings as well as comprehensive connectivity and connection quality.

I’d compare the wireless and wired connection settings.
Check name resolution, routing, packet loss and round-trip delay time for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.

nslookup fedoraproject.org

tracepath -4 -b fedoraproject.org
tracepath -6 -b fedoraproject.org

ping -4 -q -c 100 fedoraproject.org
ping -6 -q -c 100 fedoraproject.org

mtr -4 -w -b -c 100 fedoraproject.org
mtr -6 -w -b -c 100 fedoraproject.org

Also compare the bandwidth:

In addition, you can run Wireshark to detect connection issues.

Are these Flatpaks from Flathub or the Fedora Flatpak repository?

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