Flameshot v0.6.0 does not open in Fedora 31

Hi guys! The Flameshot application does not open. The error message appears: $ flameshot
“QSocketNotifier: Can only be used with threads started with QThread”.

Can someone help me?

   Hi @renaldofreire.  Try to delete qt5-qtwayland as an WorkAround (Arch BBS, 2 years old thread).

I had the same problem for smplayer and wireshark ( all qt5 applications ) after removing qt5-wayland all get solved !
thanks for the topic

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Thank you for your help! Could you help me on how to delete “qt5-wayland”? I read the website you sent, but I couldn’t find a way to do it. I am new to the linux world.

Open the terminal emulator

sudo dnf upgrade

reboot, test again if the program working.  If no

sudo dnf remove qt5-qtwayland

see what dnf will output, if there will be many packages that query for deletion, press either n, then Enter, or Ctrl C to cancel this.
   Anyway it maybe will not help at all.

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Unfortunately it didn’t work.

When I removed “qt5-qtwayland”, there was a request to remove the dependencies:

qt5-qtwayland x86_64 5.13.2-2.fc31 @updates 4.7 M
Removing dependent packages:
gstreamer1-plugins-good-qt x86_64 1.16.2-1.fc31 @updates 104 k
qgnomeplatform x86_64 0.6.0-2.fc31 @updates 609 k

I ended up going ahead to see what happened. I removed everything, restarted the machine and Flameshot did not work.

To avoid possible problems I reinstalled everything again. :pensive:

Anyway, I appreciate your help @vits95.

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When I try to open Flameshot, a new error message appears:

$ flameshot
QSocketNotifier: Can only be used with threads started with QThread
QObject :: connect: No such signal QPlatformNativeInterface :: systemTrayWindowChanged (QScreen *)

Reporting Bugs (Fedora).
See this site for alternative methods of installations:

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Great!, thank you, @vits95. this work for me on Fedora32

@renaldofreire as you can see here, flameshot doesn’t work in wayland…




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You can remove the single package and leave its dependencies by using the --noautoremove option

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