Fixing rpm-ostree automatic updates!


Here is a screenshot of the current gnome software settings page.



Feedback would be that the factors

  • safe battery state (including very weak systems where AC would be required)
  • metered connection

should both be considered. I am new to this process but would like to help with good implementations of these.

Configuration should be done at the same location as the auto-updates are, on the systemsettings page.

Documentation is needed to notify users about this behavior, where to set parameters.

This would still exclude edge cases like NVIDIA updates. If a user updates, uses the system, updates again (as updates will be near daily) and then notices the first update introduced a regression, this would be bad.

I imagine one could rebase to the matching old image, but having a notification when the update included one of these packages, allowing to pin the current deployment would be very useful for stability here.

This would then also need a mechanism to implement a reminder, to unpin the deployment again if everything went well, with for example an systemd service+timer surviving reboots.

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