First installation of Fedora 31 fails

Hello. I am completely new to Fedora and today I got a new computer where I would like to install Fedora on. I used to create a bootable USB stick. When I boot from it I can see some readable messages but soon it gets scrambled and becomes unreadable.
I can’t tell if there is a message waiting for a response or so.

After reading some posts I think it could be doing something with the grafics card installed? Its a NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060

Is there anything I can do? Any help apreciated!

If your’ve more than one display, try to disconnect all, but one.  I’d such toubles with Gentoo minimal install disc on a laptop.

There is only one display connected via HDMI.

Hi @vits95,

Welcome to the Fedora Community. There should be an option to boot/install Fedora without graphics (check the grub menu … or is it with minimal graphics?). After installation, you can update Fedora then tackle on the graphics. That route has worked for some people.


Hi @twohot,

that way seems to be working. I’m installing the base system now and try to get the graphics card working later on.



Got it working :smiley:

using mainly the steps described here:

Now it’s time to get familiar with Fedora - never used it bevor!

That’s good news. Please refer to this guide instead of other posts on the internet. It is the community supported way of installing Nvidia drivers:

Also, please mark the correct post as the solution. If you’ve not had a chance to do so yet, you may want to check out the introductory posts in the #start-here category. They will explain how the forum is designed to be used :slight_smile:

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