Firefox wayland floating pop-ups don't work

Whenever I run MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 /usr/bin/firefox (or to beexact this wrapper script I have made as a workaround for multiple issues, Firefox is unable to display floating pop-ups such as Bitwarden’s login prompt or PrivacyBadger or anything from extensions that is like a floating pop-up window, except that it’s not its own window.

I am on sway version 1.8.1, and I have been having this issue on older versions of both Fedora and Sway.

When I download Firefox directly from Mozilla and run it with the same environment variable, it just works. Is there something I can do as a not-developer to debug this or somewhere I should report this?

I was inspired to open this thread due to combination of switching from Vivaldi as Chrome Web Store is blocking the Ad Nauseam extension I am curious about and the Fedora 40 telemetry discussion as I am sending or not blocking telemetry to Mozilla and would be happy for this issue to be caught up by telemetry (without me having to explicitly report it as I find workarounding it an easier action) and get fixed already so I can stop sideloading Firefox outside of the package manager.

Regarding that thread, I would also be happy to send opt-in telemetry that only one of 5 devices that I administrate as my family’s tech support person has SSD and thus I really care about HDD support/performance mentioned in the proposal itself.