Firefox plays video as cartoon

The videos aren’t played smoothly in firefox. They are played just as cartoon. What’s the problem? I’m using F36, Gnome 42, and firefox 100.0.2.

The same videos are played very well in chrome in the same system.

Please file a bug at I’d need more logs/info to investigate that.

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The firefox of version 101.0 cannot even play video!

The 101 version of firefox downloaded from the firefox website cannot play the web video, either.

That may depend on the video and the codecs it requires. Most videos should play “out of the box”. If they don’t you may need to install additional codecs as documented here:

Thank you for your message. The Microsoft Edge can play the same videos very well on the same system.

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Hrm, are you running Edge on Fedora Linux, or do you mean on the same computer (hardware)?

Did you install the codecs listed in the document—has that helped at all?

Yes, I installed the linux version of Edge on the same computer. It can play the same web videos very well.

I’m using F36 and Gnome 42.2.

Sure, but that could be because Edge (and Chrome) bundle all the necessary codecs while Firefox in Fedora does not—Fedora does not include proprietary/patented codes. We users must install them ourselves.

See: Forbidden items - Fedora Project Wiki

So, the first step would be to follow the doc to install the codes and see if that helps. If it does not, you should file a bug.

The Firefox of 100 version can play the same videos but just as cartoon, as I mentioned above.

OK. I’ll try to install the codes. Thank you very much!

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I enabled the rpmfusion repo and installed the multimedia packages with

sudo dnf groupupdate multimedia --setop="install_weak_deps=False" --exclude=PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin

as suggested on the website. Now the web videos can be played very well in firefox. Thank you very much, Ankur!

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