Firefox Nightly flags "Insecure Connection" on Silverblue doc site


This just started today - it was working yesterday:


I have the same problem…just this evening…; :frowning:

update: I used chrome or other browsers on my smartphone and it seems the same problem.

#3 uses an invalid security certificate. 

The certificate is only valid for the following names: 



@misc do you know the right person to get this looked at?


Yes, likemy @kevin or @sanja . I have 0 access for that.

I did ping sysadmins on IRC. But either sanja revert the DNS change (cause I do not have access, but I pinged her), or Fedora Infra team look at adding the SSL certificate.


So, we decided to wait on @sanja. I will make sure the domain is accessible by more than 1 person in the future. And we will need a freeze exception for the change, since we are frozen and the proxies are covered for now.


I have a workaround - download the GitHub repo and serve it locally. :wink: Open source FTW!


At the Fedora Infra, we had been unaware that the DNS for this URL has been swapped over to us, but after we’ve been informed we have now setup the correct redirect including TLS certificate.
Thanks for the headsup.


Confirmed working here! Thanks!!


Sorry about that, I made a redirect today without thinking about the certificate. Thanks for reporting everyone and thanks for fixing it @puiterwijk!