Firefox ESR for Fedora


I am a user of Fedora, Firefox and Firefox GNOME theme. I find it annoying that each month, the new firefox version breaks the theme, and that I have to wait for the new version of the theme, and install the theme again manually.
As I am a lazy person, I would prefer to do this once a year.
For this kind of use-case, would it be possible to make firefox-esr available in fedora ?

If you want to do it manually you can download esr from mozilla website and install manually. Which is not recommended.

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@frankjunior This copr seems empty

I’m afraid this reason cannot justify the amount of work required to maintain yet another browser package.

This is a couple orders of magnitude more difficult than writing a simple script to set up a theme and apply it automatically after upgrading the package.

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Follow this guide

Install manually download 102esr from mozilla website

Keep in mind that static builds leave a larger window for possible vulnerabilities as it is more difficult to track and install updates.

Yes and it is not recommended at all. Do at your own risk

I can recommended a different and secure route that is use snap Install firefox on Linux | Snap Store to install firefox esr. Snap apps are generally snadboxed but does not follow os theme.
sudo dnf install snapd
sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap

sudo snap install firefox --channel=esr/stable

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thanks for the honest answer !

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Good to know ! However I am not a fan of snaps. I’ll just continue with the default firefox for fedora until the release of debian 12.