Firefox crashes after deep sleep

I am quite new to fedora and did the update to 36 two weeks ago using the sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=36 command. Since then, firefox always crashes when waking up from sleep. Since I am using the framework laptop, I enabled deep sleep using the mem_sleep_default=deep option in /etc/default/grub .

Have I been running a release candidate for 36 and have to upgrade again in a way? And it is quite weird that it only happened after the upgrade.

You should routinely update the system using sudo dnf upgrade or the gnome-software app. If you have not already done so then please update and see if things change.

The version of Fedora 36 you installed was a beta version and the final was released 2 days ago. There are a lot of zero-day updates.

@computersavvy thanks for the explanation for what I have upgraded to. I have been doing regularly sudo dnf up which should do the same thing as upgrade, but just to be sure I did both and there was nothing to be upgraded. Is there a way to check if I updated to the newest version?
Btw, I am running GNOME Wayland, so maybe that could be a culprit for the crashes.

So I updated this morning Firefox, but I shutdown my laptop afterwards. I just tried waking it up after 2 hours of idle time and seems like firefox has fixed the issue with the crash. They mentioned Wayland in general being a problem.