Firefox crashed, session not restored, how to find previous tabs?


Ever since I installed Fedora 34, Firefox has crashed now and then. So far however, the previous session was restored without problems.

Today Firefox crashed again, and when I reopened it, the previous session did not load. In one of the .mozilla/firefox/ subfolders I found two ‘recovery’ files, both with the current (no previous tabs) session. In History, there is no ‘restore session’ option.

Please, is there a way to try to restore my tabs - at least as they were yesterday, or as recently as possible, if not as they were today? For instance, does Fedora do automatic backups - is there anything I could try?

Any idea would be much appreciated - I do not want to have lost those tabs.

Have you had a look in the history? To see what you had open yesterday.

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Hi @blogugogu Yes Fedora does daily backups, if you make it do.
Did you see this Firefox page? Restore previous session - Configure when Firefox shows your most recent tabs and windows | Firefox Help

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Thank you both. History was fine, but the session had tabs I had opened earlier. And the settings are exactly as in the article. So far the session has been restored correctly, but now it was not, and the ‘restore session’ option was missing from the History menu.

This is not so much a question about Firefox (although it would be nice to know how to prevent this happening again). Before asking here I searched all the info I could; one page said that Windows has a tool that can track changes that had been made to the system and recover old files, this is why I hoped that perhaps Fedora has something similar and my session from yesterday could be found.

How can I make Fedora do daily backups? (I’ve just installed timeshift, is this a good way?). Might it be that a backup tool came with the installation, and I can find the files somewhere on the disk?

Apps/DejaDup - GNOME Wiki! can do automatic backups

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