Firefox cannot resolve local adresses whereas nslookup (and possibly lynx) can

i have a rpi running as a squeezebox server in my network. In order to control this from the desktop i connect to it from firefox.

  • Most often (possibly linked to time after boot but not always) i get a “Server not found” when writing the URL.

  • using the IP address in firefox gets me to the right address.

  • In these cases nslookup normally gives a good response

  • chromium gives “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” and stops.

  • lynx -seem- to get to the required place but stops with “Javascript &cookies need to be enabled”

  • (strange enough after trying lynx, chromium got contact with the server and showed the page)

address is something along the lines of “myservername.local”

Fedora 31 (but have seen this issue for a few releases…)

So question is: is there a difference in how these different programs are resolving host names ? is there some kind of caching going on ?