Firefox breaks after upgrade (again) - Version: firefox-87.0-2 fc33

How it is possible that a package maintainer misses essential dependencies?

Works for me:

> rpm -q firefox 

> firefox --version
Mozilla Firefox 87.0

> ldd /usr/lib64/firefox/ | grep -e => /lib64/ (0x00007f225d7f1000)

> rpm -q -f /lib64/

> rpm -q nss

Version 81.0.1 is out of date (81.0.1-1 is from October 1st, 2020, see
Current version is 87.0, please see

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I’m sorry, by mistake I wrote the Version down listed when executing
> sudo dnf downgrade firefox

BTW: the version 81.0.1 after downgrade was working!

Bonus question: why is it downgrading to such old version? Not 86.0?

BTW: I was able to fix this issue by deleting all directories having mozilla|firefox in their names and reinstalling the firefox package…

Answer to the bonus question:

Seems only these versions are available in the repositories, 81.01-1.fc33 being the version that FC33 has been initially delivered with:

dnf --releasever=33 --showduplicates list firefox
Last metadata expiration check: 0:07:58 ago on Sat Apr 10 14:08:06 2021.
Installed Packages

firefox.x86_64                                               87.0-2.fc33                                                 @updates

Available Packages

firefox.x86_64                                               81.0.1-1.fc33                                               fedora  

firefox.x86_64                                               87.0-2.fc33                                                 updates 

But that kind of makes dnf downgrade a very sharp tool, if the repositories only keep the newest package at all :frowning:

And yes, firefox-87 seems to be misbehaving for me too, I did run dnf upgrade yesterday, and suddenly today, my day is full of “crashed tabs”.


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