Firefox and widevine aarch64

Hi, i’ve installed experimental version of Fedora remix and it works flawlessly (I only noticed a few seconds more in boot time as compared to Arch version).
I have a problem with Firefox, i cannot play DRM contents (Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, etc…). In Arch version, i installed widevine-aarch64 package from AUR and it worked. Now on Fedora, how can i fix this?
Thanks in advance

Thank you for pointing me out to the right thread.
Long story short: it’s bit complicated and you could violate legal terms of use.

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

A solution for Widevine that can plug nicely into Fedora ARM64 is on my radar, but I probably won’t get to it until a bunch of the hardware support (and of course the release) is done first :slight_smile:


Thank you @marcan
I’m in no hurry, i’ll wait patientally.
Thanks for all of your work on this piece of hardware

there seems to be a solution that involves a patch for glibc

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Patching glibc is not acceptable, that’s why I want to find a solution that doesn’t involve that. I believe it’s possible but it will require more invasive changes to the widevine binary and at least a minimal patch for Firefox and Chromium.

I am attempting to get it working in this GitHub Repo: GitHub - neelchauhan/widevine-fedora-aarch64: Get Widevine DRM on Fedora ARM64

Right now it doesn’t work as Firefox isn’t detecting the CDM. I could be wrong but feel that Fedora’s Firefox is patched to disallow Widevine.

I just want my Spotify to work.

If you are interested in Widevine for ARM64 Linux please contact Widevine via their support form and make your case.

We’re going to try to make this work, but at the end of the day, it is them who should be providing support for this platform. Anything we can do ourselves will be a pile of hacks trying to make proprietary software built for a completely different platform with different system packages and page size. It could even be legally problematic. We’ll try, but they need to know there are users out there who want Widevine to work on these platforms, otherwise they definitely will never care about us and allow this to be supported in a sensible way without horrible hacks.