Firefox Always Freezing

When I try to use Firefox in Fedora, it keeps freezing. It often takes 20 to 60 seconds just to switch tabs. I checked about:performance, and when it finally loaded, it didn’t show any obvious sources of trouble. 1840758 - Something keeps freezing Firefox on Fedora Linux

I used my Firefox account to import most of my settings from MacOS, where it works fine. I then switched a few about:config settings to disable animation, since it triggers my migraines. I am not sure what Wayland is, but I also had to change one of its settings to reduce the frame rate to avoid animation. 1771017 - layout.frame_rate > 0 works on wayland/linux only if widget.wayland.vsync.enabled is false

I can’t see a way to install Mozregression or test using it.

Okay, it turns out it is possible to install Mozregression from the command line, but it ignores my profile choice and isn’t safe for me to run that way.

My Firefox freezes only after I’ve run out of memory (8Gb) and swap space (about the same). Make sure you have enough of them. bpytop is a good tool for checking the current usage.

Ah. The installer did not set up any swap partition.

And it should not by default. If the user wishes a physical swap it is up to them to create the same.