Fingerprint sensor issues | Silverblue | Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga Gen 3

I recently bought a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga Gen 3 and installed Fedora 40 Silverblue.
I thought that Thinkpads work out-of-the-box, but unfortunately this does not apply to the fingerprint reader.

The inbuilt fingerprint reader is a 06cb:009a . Some googling brought me to the following GitHub page: GitHub - uunicorn/python-validity: Validity fingerprint sensor prototype

I then tried to integrate the copr repo and install the driver, but this failed. The package apparently still references Python 3.11, which has not been in use on Fedora for a long time.

My question now is: How can I get this fingerprint reader to work under Fedora 40 Silverblue in such a way that the Silverblue principle is not violated and there are no problems with upgrading and rebasing?

Aren’t there now drivers available from more trustworthy Fedora sources? Or RPM-Fusion, etc.?

Or is there a fingerprint reader that works out-of-the-box and can be installed in this laptop?

Thanks in advance!

Check out this copr - sneexy/python-validity Copr

It looks like a “fork” of the main copr and It has instructions for installing the packages on Silverblue.

I don’t have a Yoga Gen3 to test with, but I was able to install the packages from the copr successfully in a VM


It should also work on Fedora 40.

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Thank you for your answers!

I’ve run the sneexy copr repo commands (including the check, successfully) and unfortunately I don’t see any way to enable fingerprints in the GNOME settings (at users).

Also fprintd-enroll does not work: “Impossible to enroll:GBus.Error:net.reactivated.Fprint.Error.NoSuchDevice:”

What am I doing wrong? How can I go about troubleshooting?

Sorry, I’m not familiar with fprintd or fingerprint readers.

There’s a “Start Discussion” link at the bottom of the copr page…maybe try to use that to ask for help?

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I have narrowed down the problem. The service “python3-validity.service” does not start.

It’s like this: 06cb:009a can't start validity service · Issue #89 · uunicorn/python-validity · GitHub

I also looked at the linked post: Contributing RPM packaging and SELinux module · Issue #54 · uunicorn/python-validity · GitHub

However, the commands do not work for me because /usr/share is not writable under Fedora Silverblue.
Does this mean that I cannot use my fingerprint reader under Fedora Silverblue?

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I decided to send this laptop back and buy a Gen 4. The fingerprint reader of X1 Yoga G4 should work out of the box…

That appears to be an SELinux at the core and would need to be fixed in the packaging of python-validity. You could run SELinux in permissive mode as a workaround, but that is a pretty heavy workaround.

Thank you, but I’m not going to waste any more time on that. I sent back the Gen 3 laptop already. On the Gen 4 laptop it should work out of the box without any Copr repo and any SElinux workaround.

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