Fingerprint Sensor behaves like a swipe sensor Acer Travelmate TMP-214-53

I’m running Fedora Worksatation 38 on my TMP214-53. The fingerprint sensor is on the list of supported devices (found somewhere on the internet). But the problem is, it behaves like a swipe style sensor which makes it to give a false negative more than 95 percent of times. (It works like a touch style sensor on windows. I’ve tested it. Windows, while enrolling a new fingerprint, takes sample scans for a dozen times and asks to scan from different angles. In linux though, the enrolling process asks for only four scans as sample. So. no wonder the performance would be bad as a touch style sensor. But that doesn’t mean changing it to swipe will make it any better. It is really imposible to use it now.)
Device: 04f3:0c4f Elan Microelectronics Corp. ELAN:Fingerprint

Could you please update the driver to correct this behaviour?

This is a user forum.
Your request probably needs to be directed to the developer for the driver for that device.

I don’t know who that might be but by looking up the source of the software you should be able to locate who to contact.

Others may already know who to contact.

I don’t know who to contact. Moreover I tried to find their contact info but couldn’t.

We do not have enough info but let me search quickly.

A quick search with the info provided turns up this

I used driver for 04f3:0c4f Elan Microelectronics Corp. as my search term