Fingerprint reader detected and working using fprintd, not detected and used by system

I am trying to enroll and use fingerprints for logging in using GDM and authenticating with sudo. Both used to support fingerprints in the past but don’t do so now.

I succeeded in enrolling my fingerprints using fprintd-enroll and can verify them using fprintd-verify. I can’t use them to login using GDM or authorize with sudo though. There is no option in the gnome settings panel to add or use fingerprints, I had to enroll them using the fprintd CLI.
Is there some other package I need to install apart from fprintd to use fingerprints with the user interface?

What version of fprintd are you running, e.g.

$ rpm -qa | grep -i fprint

In GNOME 40.3 you could try
Settings → Users → Fingerprint Login