Fillets-ng plays audio but no video

Can anyone confirm that clicking on intro button in fillets-ng only plays the audio and not the video? I’m having this issue on a non-Fedora system while using patches from Fedora’s repo and would like to fill a bug report (preferably on aarch64 since that’s what I’m using).

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What distro are you running? It seems likely that the forums supporting that particular OS would be more likely to have an answer for you.

Also, just as a heads up.
You mentioned aarch64 as the architecture in use. Fedora does support that arch. However, with absolutely no information about what OS, what patches you are applying, etc. it is impossible to provide any answers.

I do see that the fillets-ng package is available in the fedora repo but without more info cannot make any suggestions.

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Let’s just assume I’m on Fedora for a moment. Is this issue reproducible?

fillets-ng from Fedora Rawhide doesn’t link to smpeg at compile time hence my question isn’t relevant anymore. I’ve submitted a bug report to Bugzilla here.

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