Filevault compatibillity

Before installing the Fedora Asahi Remix I thought I would make a quick post to check that it is compatible with a Mac OS hard drive encrypted with Filevault (M1 Pro running Ventura 13.1). Assuming that the Asahi installer partitions the hard drive automatically, will having an encrypted drive interfere with the installation process at all?
Thanks in advance

No. There is no detrimental effect to the installation process whatsoever if FileVault is enabled on your macOS partition. In fact, is is even recommended to users if they are concerned with data integrity and if they want their macOS data inaccessible to any fuOS. (Custom OS)

The only difference is that you will be prompted for your password one extra time after the first reboot that is part of the installation.

It might be slightly broken if you have multiple FileVault volumes/macOS installs (I think you need to manually unlock all of them before install in that case), but that should not affect a single-macOS use case.

excellent, thank you both