Filelight crashes in Fedora 37 (XFCE spin)


I’m running fedora 37 XFCE spin and filelight crashes with crash_function:

QObject::setProperty(char const*, QVariant const&)

I’ve sent a problem report along with coredump three days ago, but I am not sure where these go (report #529554)
The report on my workstation also mentions considering reporting it to Bugzilla but this site recommends posting here first.
Is there any more information needed from me?
I am also able to reproduce this on another workstation running the same XFCE f37 spin, but hardware much older.
I have not sent a report from that workstation, since it seems redundant.


Not yet known.

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Bugzilla report: #NNNN


None yet.

Can you check, to see if it appears to be the same issue.


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Thank you for the reply.
Unfortunately, I can’t tell when comparing the bug report and the “Problem details” on my workstation.
My “backtrace” has a lot of “warning: Can’t open file …” and “No symbol table info available”.
The symptoms described in the bug report are the same - a window should open but filelight crashes.
I am glad that this is reproducible and someone has filed a bug report.
I can wait for an update that fixes the reported bug and see if it fixes my problem as well.