Figuring out where package information is located

In browsing with dnf, I found a tiny typo in a package summary - I’d like to fix this or report it somewhere, but I’m not sure how.

The package is openldap-compat in the updates repository, but I can’t find it on koji (Search | koji)

Anyone know how to do search for where a package is built and how the information returned by dnf info is generated?

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You should use the source package name:

dnf repoquery openldap-compat -s
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File a bug report

You can also search on

How to submit a pull request

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Thanks - For posterity, I’d point out that this doesn’t need to be run with sudo

Anyway, the combination of the two answers got me to exactly the right place:
The output of dnf repoquery openldap-compat -s located the correct package on where I was able to fork/edit/PR