Fedpkg lint shows "Could not execute lint: Failed to execute command."

While following the fedora packaging tutorial in the docs, the ‘fedpkg lint’ shows the following two messages

Failed to get repository name from Git url or pushurl


Could not execute lint: Failed to execute command.

However it seems that it is succesfully checking the local spec file.
So I am wondering if something is wrong or if I should just ignore these messages.
In the last case I am happy to update/extend the documentation that these messages should be ignored…

(Years later :wink:) I have the same problem following Fedora Maintainers Guide’s “Using fedpkg anonymously”. fedpkg lint reports “1 errors, … 1 badness” with my package then prints that error.

I think what happens is rpmlint ran fine and found a problem, but its non-zero exit code got internally returned as “Failed to execute command.” and then fedpkg editorialized this as “Could not execute lint”. Someone should file a bug at OpenID transaction in progress that “The fedpkg lint subcommand should report a less confusing ‘soft error’ when it does its job and finds problems to fix”

So if you fix the warning about not getting the repository together with any other errors and “badness”, then you won’t see the confusing error. If you run fedpkg --verbose lint it will print the rpmlint command line it uses. I think you can then run individual pieces, use rpmlint --explain error_code to get help on an individual problem, etc.

Good luck!