Fedora's Strategic Direction: An Update from the Council

Latest status: I ran Fedora 29 on this machine (HP Omen 15 inch) for a week. The NVidia drivers from RPM Fusion ran fine, but there are still some bugs in the Intel GPU code - specifically, I got a hard lockup running some OpenCL testing. I’ll try to get some troubleshooting in later in the week, although there may be a piece or two of the Intel stack that’s not ported yet.

For reference, the Intel stack is at https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/opencl-drivers#graph-lin-fc28 for F28 but I don’t see it for F29. Note that this is not beignet! That’s for older Intel hardware, not this one!

Here’s the GitHub: https://github.com/intel/compute-runtime