Fedora's position in regards to Richard Stallman's reintegration into the FSF council

I’ve, recently, became aware of this article: Fedora Council statement on Richard Stallman rejoining FSF Board - Fedora Magazine and felt such disappointment; made worse, even, by the comment section being deactivated.

I cannot believe @mattdm reacted in such a way before even trying to become aware of the facts. I invite you, Mathew, to read a bit here: https://stallmansupport.org/ or to, in an independent manner, confirm the claims made.

It seems to me that letting inertia define our posture isn’t the way to go. I expect more of Fedora’s leaders. At the very least, maintaining the project away from such politics and reactions. I don’t see the Friends value in that. rms has been a good friend of the community for a while now. I met him at LinuxCabal: Richard Stallman en Guadalajara | Linux Cabal - YouTube and gnu.cabal.mx/RMS20151130.php en Guadalajara, Jalisco, México - Un Lugar Donde Confiar. He’s a kind, respectful and intelligent man; not as, Fedora’s statement, claims him to be: an abuser and a harasser.

I for one, deny this posture and object strongly to the statement made in Fedora Magazine. Please, I ask you to remove it and publish an apology statement instead.

He has been taken out of context. Parts of the story have been exaggerated and, some others, just made up.

He is socially awkward. He is a nerd. He isn’t perfect. Who, among us, is? Certainly not me. Yet, we decide to burn im at a stake just for a few mistakes made in the past? I am sure nobody would survive such scrutiny.

Shame on Fedora for posting that (and disabling comments). That’s not Freedom. That’s not Friends. That’s plain old censorship and stabbing, figuratively, Dr. Stallman in the back; while benefiting from his work and ideas. Shame on everyone that let’s this slip. This is not how one should be or act.

Lastly, apologize for my imperfect English since it’s not my primary language.

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