Fedora's File manager keeps crashing my computer and keeps corrupting my data


I installed fedora 38 not a long time ago (maybe 5-7 days ago). So far i’m not impressed about fedora’s stability. I’m countering some very serious crashes and freezes.

I have encountered two crashes in the past few days, both of which were when I used the Fedora Files program. The first crash happened when I was creating a folder. After pressing “create folder” the whole computer stopped working. The mouse, keyboard, commands, etc stopped working completely and everything was freezed. I had to restart the computer by pressing the power button all the way down.

Yet another crash happened today when I was just at the worst possible time. I was transfering important files to another hard drive. The Files application sent an error message, after which the mouse continued to work, but the entire operating environment stopped working, and after a while the computer completely froze again. I had to force turn off the machine for the second time by pressing the computer button on the bottom for some time. I opened the machine again and my hard drive was corrupted. So thanks to Fedora for this gift :slight_smile:

Why this keeps happening? I have used ubuntu for a long time and I have never NEVER seen this kind of crashing before, especially when one program can literally crash and freeze the whole computer.

I have AMD graphics card, AMD prosessor ect, so i’m using normal kernel drivers. If this happens again i’m going to install another distro which actually has some stability.

It might just be bad memory or a bad hard drive. Btrfs is more sensitive to memory errors though. So, where another FS would silently corrupt the file without any indication to the user that the data was corrupted, Fedora Linux installed on Btrfs will generate an error report (and possibly hang because it cannot write the data).

I would suggest checking your hard drive health with smartctl -x <path-to-your-drives-device-node> and checking your RAM with memtest86+.

Can you tell us what the message said? Mouse working and applications failing suggests a disk problem. If the system disk was still working then journalctl might have useful information from previous boots.

I use Fedora every day on a couple systems and they have been stable for 4 years. If your system has some very new components, it is possible that linux support is not yet stable and changing distros will not solve your issue. Even new systems sometimes have hardware faults, and changing distros will not solve hardware problems. As suggested, you should test your drives and memory.