FedoraMediaWriter-win32-latest.exe of Juli 2024 does not work on windows 8.1


with errormessage: »EntryPoint of SystemParametersInfoForDpI in FedoraMediaWriter\Qt6Gui.dll not found« the program named above crashes on and on. System is Windows 8.1/64.

With it my hope crashed, to ever get Linux up and running at all - in times of this unspeakable Intel RST and those of goddamned Notebooks without any BIOS-Option of deactivating that stuff resp. changing to AHCPI, about to abandon Linux from now on. Former experiences of Linux being the alternative to that certain other system seem null and void.

Those rumours of - unlike all other current Linux distros seeming to fail since more than 5 years years - Fedora > 39 being capable to cope with that aforementioned shit after all had still kept me going, downloading the Version 40-iso plus mediawriter as kind of last resort to me…

And now failing again - should going back to Windows and forget about it all be the way?

Greets fr. a really fed up Jogi

Microsoft document SystemParametersInfoForDpI as: “ Minimum supported client Windows 10, version 1607 [desktop apps only]”

See SystemParametersInfoForDpi function (winuser.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

Windows 8.1 is no longer support by Microsoft.
See Windows 8.1 support ended on January 10, 2023 - Microsoft Support

I assume that the fedora media developers do not wish to support unsupported windows versions.

@barryascott Would Rufus or Etcher work in that situation?

No idea. All I did was assume a windows support issue and web searched to find evidence.

I only have Windows 11 personally to test on.

It would be worth @jogii trying them.

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Hello folks,

nice to hear from you regarding the current problem.

Meanwhile, using W10 (Version 1809) instead of 8.1, the thing at least is starting now. Insofar @Barry seems correct to suspect lacking support as the problems’ cause. Things taking that way on those grounds, though, has really been the first time ever for me, so I firstly really assumed some mistake in programming due to the dll’s entry point missing as reported.

With respect to @hammerhead corvette’s point, on the other hand, I cautiously abstained from opening new fronts here by additionally tinkering about with Rufus or any other livestick-creator than that or those recommended:

Since far before I even sensed the named Intel RST-shit as the REAL challenge in terms of installing Linux 21.3 on my relatively new, but evidently ill-equipped machine (Hyrican / Clevo L140CU), I had spent hours on end on even creating an uefi / secure-boot-capable Linux-Livestick - any of those platforms each giving differing results, mostly far from those predicted…

The interesting question now will be, whether Fedora V40 really will ease my pain, to get Linux up and running on that Intel RST addicted machine, in order to get rid of sucking Windows…

Thanks for your considerations & many greets


I often suggest using rufus or etcher as the means of writing the iso to a usb device when on windows. Both have historically seemed pretty stable across all windows versions since 8.1.

Suggest you start a new topic if you want to discuss Intel RST.

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