Fedora39 : No network and no external display after kernel-6.7.5-200 update

I have lost wifi, network connection and external display connection after upgrading from kernel-6.7.4-200 to kernel-6.7.5-200.

If I boot with previous kernel, everything works fine.

May I open a BZ regarding that? Or is there one already?

You can open a BZ. To do that you will need to provide a lot of information about your system.

You might want to post the output of inxi -FGzz here first to see if anyone knows of a reason your hardware is having problems.

You might also want to compare the logs from the successful boot to the unsuccessful boot to see if there is a clue to the problem.

Note: to post output of a command use the preformatted text feature.

Like this:
     for example