Fedora36 , Wayland & Nvidia

Hi there, I freshly installed Fedora 36 on my system. Can you guys look at Nvidia drivers are properly installed? Sorry, I am new to fedora. I can’t access to PowerMizer settings. Please guide me fedorians.

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It’s the same for me. AFAIK, you can access to PowerMixer setting if you switch to X-org.

That is not the latest nvidia driver. The current driver is at 515.65.01 and would be kept up to date automatically when you do an upgrade if you installed those drivers from rpmfusion. Howto/NVIDIA - RPM Fusion

If you chose to install those drivers from the nvidia site using their .run file then it only gets updated when you download and install the updated .run file. Using the driver directly from nvidia also means that the driver must be manually recompiled with every kernel upgrade.


I guess that is because the post is from May 11 ?