Fedora34 freezed after Software App finished downloading updates

This morning, I turned on my computer, opened Software, clicked update button, clicked download button (for it had new updates), opened Chromium respectively. After I saw that the update was finished and needed to restart, I closed Chromium in order to click Restart and Install button. Fedora freezed, the cursor turned from the arrow to the fist as shown in the photo, the cursor could move but could not be click. I had to turn off the computer. This happened so often during June and this month. Can you please help ?

P.S. It also happened on using Zoom meeting. The cursor turn to the fist icon, could not be clicked but the remote Speaker still spoke.

Upon restart where you promted to provide a crash report? Do you have any logs to go through?
You can open Problem Reporting and check if there are any issue to look through.

Also, If this is a recurring issue, just to cover all bases, what are your system specs? Laptop/Desktop PC ? HDD/SSD ?

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It happened again today, but today I opened Firefox.

In Problem Reporting, there are only very old problems.

And this is my notebook spec, in our office we have all notebooks with this model dual booting with MS Windows 10 Home, but we’ve never used Windows for nearly 3 years.

The problem happened with all of our notebooks and we have not done any hardware upgrades.

The problem is from setting the external monitor as the Primary Display.
After making a U-Turn, setting the Built-in Display(notebook monitor) as the Primary Display, the problem has gone.
I have tested with all of our notebooks in our office.

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