Fedora32: VMware - Ignition startup network is unreachable

Hello together,

I am trying to use Fedora32 in a VMware environment (in specific using VMware Virtual Cloud Directory).

I configured a new VM with the Fedora CoreOS 32 OVA template as base with

  • static IP, no DHCP
  • using a ignition config with a reference to a remote HTTPd holding an ign file
  • …the remote HTTPd is in the same networking (

The VM has the following guest properties (simplified)

  • guest.hostname = okd-bastion
  • guestinfo.ignition.config.data.encoding = base64
  • guestinfo.ignition.config.data = …base64-encoded
  • guestinfo.afterburn.initrd.network-kargs = ip=

after start up I see only the failed ignition

ignition[484]: GET error: Get “”: dail tcp connect : network is unreachable

I have other VMs in the same network, e.g. a CentOS VM and from this instance is a
curl http : //
successful (URL amended by restriction here for new users by spaces)

I have currently no idea where to investigate further. Debugging during startup is impossible.

I suppose the afterburn.initrd.network-kargs is not used, because

  • I see in the log out put during startup some DHCP outputs, even I set “none” or “off”
  • I do not see any “error messages” even if I use something like “ip=WRONG”

Any hints how to debug, or what is probably wrong in my configuration/installation?

Thanks in advance


the ign file for the Fedora32 VM instance
“ignition”: {
“config”: {
“merge”: [
“source”: “”,
“verification”: {}
“timeouts”: {},
“version”: “3.0.0”
“networkd”: {},
“passwd”: {},
“storage”: {},
“systemd”: {}

In case this still matters: see here: Afterburn (on vSphere) not functioning?
So check how you set the guestinfo.afterburn.initrd.network-kargs key/value: as a vApp property (does not work) or as an advanced configuration parameter (works).

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