Fedora Workstation website revamp: Community page (looking for feedback!)

Hi everyone, here’s yet another the Fedora Website Revamp project design update!

I have an initial first-cut (read: still very much open to change and feedback and ideas) draft of the Fedora Workstation Community page that will reside within the revamped Fedora website. This page will be used as a model to base other Edition download pages from, so even if Workstation isn’t your main concern, your feedback on this mockup will be useful.

This page would be accessed by clicking on the “Community” navbar item in the Fedora Workstation navigation bar:

You can view the full mockup here on Penpot:

Let’s walk through it via snippets of the mockup from top-to-bottom to provide some context.

Some upfront notes:

  • The current working thought is that this page would reside at https://fedoraproject.org/workstation/community .
  • The content is a combination of Workstation-specific community information (e.g. the Workstation Working group contact and meeting info, and Fedora-wide community information (e.g. events like Flock and the release parties). The Fedora-wide community will be repeated in each edition’s page and project-wide. Ideally this info would come in the form of a component that could just have one content source that could updates all locations it is displayed at, at once.
  • It is the intention we would have a dark-mode version of this page and various elements have been designed with that possibility in mind, but I don’t have a complete working version of that mocked up yet.
  • Some of the screenshots have grey around the borders because that’s the background color for Penpot… that grey is not intended to be part of the page design.


Like the Download page for Workstation, this page header area is a bit lower-key than the splashy front page with the hero image. It may, in fact, be a little too low key. We are looking into creating some illustrations or making the use of photography here to make this section a bit more of an anchor for the page / have some more visual interest.

You should note the intended consistency here between non-front pages of the main Fedora Workstation top-level pages - large header in the edition color or with an edition color accent (here it is green) and a slug explaining what the page is about / what it helps you do.

In the bottom half on the header we have some text explaining which sub-community / team “owns” the edition, basically identifying by name the community for Fedora Workstation right up top. Since the Workstation Working group has its own page at docs.fpo, the link here is intended to point to that.

Again, this section is a bit too low-key, so any ideas on specific imagery to use here would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Next we have a block for listing the main communication channels through which this community communicates. I’m imagining the Matrix channel name can be a link to matrix.to to join right away, but not sure what’s the best these days for linking folks to an IRC channel (I used to use chat.freenode.org’s web interface back in the days freenode still existed.) Any ideas quite welcome :slight_smile: Anyhow I’m thinking the action button should point to Matrix as well.

The mailing list link & action button will point to the Hyperkitty archives page.

The forum action button will point to the workstation tag here in this forum :slight_smile:


The “Get involved” block basically has a couple of concrete things you can do to get involved in this community - report/discuss issues, and attend a meeting. If you can think of any other things we could list here or better suggestions than these, we are all ears :slight_smile:


Our events are an important part of our community. This block will probably be repeated verbatim across the different editions. However, it would be nice if possible to customize it by having a link to a past talk that is relevant to the edition at hand. You can see under Colúr there is a screenshot of a presentation from last year’s Flock - something like this related to the edition would be quite nice.

The best information about our events is seasonal - after Flock, we want to see the recordings of the talks that just happened. Leading up to Flock, we want to solicit proposals. Getting closer, we want folks to register and take a look at the schedule and plan what to attend. And during Flock we really want to highlight and drum up attendance to talks on the schedule. If it is at all possible to do this here, obviously that would be ideal, but a low-maintenance alternative is to update it with a link to a relevant talk… or event better, a playlist of talks related to the edition at hand (here, Workstation.)

This layout emphasizes Flock as an “umbrella” brand over the two events we are running in these COVID times: nest, our at-home virtual Flock, and hatch, our in-person microconferences all over the world preceding Flock nest.

We also will highlight release parties as seen here. Again, these are seasonal. Whatever is the next upcoming event we should have more details about.

At the bottom of the mockup above you can see one of our contextual “on ramp” prompts - suggesting that a good way to contribute to Fedora would be to attend and propose a talk :slight_smile:

We have a Colúr block here that shows the “Call for proposals” mode for Flock. I have two other modes mocked up - register mode, and post-event recordings mode:

Again, these are kind of blue sky, “wouldn’t it be really nice” if we could make these seasonal. If not, we could default to just linking to the Flock site and handling this all there alone.


Next, we have a media block - letting would-be new community members know where to keep up with what is going on in the community, and pointing out the differences between the Fedora Community Blog and Fedora Magazine.

There’s another contextual on-ramp: hey, you could write an article for one of these publications or help us come up with proposals and edit the content :wink: :wink:


This is just the standard footer:


So here you have a little update on how things are going for the Community section of the Workstation page design. My next step besides sharing this with you here and evaluating your feedback and rolling it back into this to iterate and improve it :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this!


I like this design. it’s consistent with the workstation page and the buttons are all balanced and useful.

A thought that I have is that the top section might benefit from some visual support. Something that communicates specifically a workstation focused community.
Maybe like how the big flock picture is used on some of the other mockups but have it fade out to the left?

Another thing that can see is with using “Join a community…” in the top, it’s an action based sentence but there isn’t an action that is related to that statement. So potentially either having a less action based statement, or adding an action to it.

I like the use of a secondary navigation.

And the Nest Bird is great in the banners, adds a lot of character!

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I thought the new Fedora Workstation website template was perfect.

My feedback!

As I have already opened a topic to talk about badges that highlight programmers involved with privacy, I would like to suggest a similar approach on the website as well.

Just a few lines to explain to the user how we handle privacy and data protection issues (LGPD, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, COPPA)

And believe me, such considerations are relevant today. Therefore, I think it’s interesting that the Fedora Workstation website makes clear our involvement with the security of its user.

I hope I was useful :wink:

And before I forget, I’m willing to help with that

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Here my two cents:
0 - I prefer the inital area without an Hero. I do believe Heros should not go without a CTA, or else it is just a waste of space. It is very hard to set a “Mood” with a picture, because everyone sees pictures from their own perspective…
1- Next should be “How can I get involved??” as it is what we are looking for with this thing called “community”
2- Contacts but should be called something like “How can I contact the everyone that is helping?”… I am a bad copy guy.
3- only then the Text about the Workstation Working group (I recognize it’s importance as gamekeepers, but if you see it in that position, we are already sending the end user to another website away from the community with a different style and etc… that breaks the experience).
4- Events… should be called “How can we meet (in person)?”

Sorry I am not sure if this “getting personal” is according to the copy guidelines of the project, but from my experience, making it personal helps to make a connection with the content.
And Again…this specific page is about the people (community) that use the distro… not about the distro itself.

At least, the order of the sections should be the one I mention to be intune for a contributor wanabe.

Note: “Become a fedora contributor” icon… don’t want to break it, but that is how you open a door to GET OUT usually. doors open inwards… :wink:

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I think this is a great idea. Do you think the privacy issues should be particularly highlighted on the community page, or (and?) do you think they should be a site-wide concern?

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Thank you Joao, this is brilliant feedback. I never even thought about the door metaphor (my house has doors that open both ways, it’s inconsistent - old new england house :slight_smile: ) Do you think the door as an analogy for the icon works generally or do you think / have any ideas what might make a better visual queue for these hints?

I agree the ordering is important. I am going to re-evaluate the ordering and copy in light of your feedback. Thank you!

Hey Ashlyn!

Yes I agree the top really needs a visual. I was playing with some photos I had from various Fedora events but figured it might be better to just post this already (it’s been sitting in my drafts queue for over a week haha) and figure out that bit later.

Re: action - I think maybe most of the stuff on the page is actions though? Eg participate in the forums, file a bug, whatever. Maybe the concrete steps need to be pulled up. I did want to set the context of this specific edition’s community / governance up front though so folks knew where to specifically participate. I have to think this over. Thank you so much for the feedback!

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No problem… great to do my little part… even if not a specialist on the matter.
About the icon… it is not a big deal… if you know that the other option is a “closed door”, this one also works, and suits fine. But it is always ambivalent…

But I think You want it to be welcoming, appreciative and easily recognizeable. My head travels really fast to emoticons, that are easily recognizeable bay anyone like the strongarm, the two hands doing a heart, or even the live long and prosper to make it a little geeky (available in font awsome as “fas fa-hand-spock”). Again I am not intune with the style guidelines for the website (Just landed) so those might be out of order…
More simply it could be the universal symbol for “conversation” derived from the top of this website with the two callouts (check upper left corner) as all contributions are usually started by a conversation …
Or simply the “edit” symbol “fas fa-edit” as usually contributing starts on editing something.

And yeah… the ordering is key… you don’t want to send people away before you show the specific value proposition… so either present an actionable CTA on top, or leave all the non actionable links to the end. :slight_smile:

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Hi Máirín Duffy, I’m happy for your support

I think the privacy issues should be particularly highlighted on the community page home and linked one session (wiki) in more detail on how we handle member and user privacy.

Can I be responsible for this session, but I not DPO (data protection officer), this should be discussed later.

But I also think it’s cool to be a site-wide concern, we should always mention our concern and interest in the safety of users and when we touch on the subject we use the wiki page link.

Looking forward to work with all of you.
Stay safe!

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Hey Máirín, thanks for sharing this work in progress. I like the idea of highlighting ways to get involved from the website, and the overall visual design here looks good to me.

I have some uncertainties around some of the content, which I think the Workstation Working Group will need to discuss before I can give you concrete feedback. Much of that revolves round the question of whether the working group itself is a good target for community participation - it’s a fairly small group, with relatively few opportunities to take on tasks, particularly for newcomers.

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Hey Allan, how do I best get this on the WG’s agenda? Email, ticket, ? Can it possibly be discussed at today’s meeting in 4 hours?

Yep, I put it on today’s agenda. Tracking issue is Issue #319: Workstation community page feedback - fedora-workstation - Pagure.io .

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Feedback from Workstation WG - Thanks @aday for bringing this up!