Fedora Workstation install odyssey on macbookpro14,1 chipset: BCM_4350

Problem Statement

  • Numerous Linux distros have issues with the bluetooth chipset BCM_4350 in the macbookpro14,1. Even after establishing a working system, updates from the Software Center (or equivalent) wipe out the changes. Meaning that on a reboot, bluetooth stops working. This means I have to sysadmin my system by downloading the Linux Driver: GitHub - leifliddy/macbook12-bluetooth-driver, running the script. Not every update causes this to happen. From my limited perspective this is random. Even Manjaro’s AUR version would not compile after an update.

Installation Phases (some success, ultimate failure)

Fedora Workstation 38 came closest to working ootb.

  1. All my Apple peripherals, keyboard, mouse, AirPods connected when booting from a USB .iso.
  2. All my Apple peripherals, keyboard, mouse, AirPods connected after installation to the macbookpro14,1 SSD. Great!!
  3. But there were updates to perform and so I did. And the updates broke my wonderful Fedora Workstation system. And no, I’m not going to go through sysadmining my system again to get it to work.


So, since my situation is rather unique but also applicable (seemingly) to most Linux distros, I ask why this is the case that Linux and Fedora Workstation in particular, can’t recognize a working system? This is not trivial, I understand, but it is essential for me and most users.

Further Statements

And no, I don’t want to use the current ‘immutable’ versions of Linux that seem to require yet another set of credentials in order to facilitate rollbacks. (Hopefully I understand that correctly but since I haven’t tried it I don’t actually know). I’m not against immutable at all since I’m using an immutable macOS right now but the details have to very, very easy to use with a GUI.

I’m used to macOS that is immutable and always works. I believe this near impossible goal should belong to Fedora Workstation too. It is almost there.

If the devs have any thoughts I’d love to know what’s in store for the future. I remain hopeful.