Fedora Workstation Front Page Revamp (first cut, looking for feedback!)

Hi @nikodunk,

We have kicked off our Fedora Websites 3.0 efforts and now is the best time to join us in making this thing happen. Please head over to Fedora Chat [42] | Fedora Websites and Apps Team (fedoraproject.org) and drop an introduction.


Thanks @t0xic0der - just did so!

I noticed many of these apps are outdated GNOME apps. I suggest updating these screenshots to newer GTK4+libadwaita variant.

Also, GNOME is taking a step to add parental control features and improve them. Just yesterday, Malcontent GTK4 was merged, so we might see the GTK4 variant on GNOME 43. Adding parenting control on the main page might make it more appealing for family computers.


@theevilskeleton Awesome thanks! Yeh I would expect we’d wait until the last stage to take the final screenshots. I think adding parental control features here might be a compelling feature, waht do you think @aday ?

Parental control has one point needs to take in consideration IMO and that is It is only works with Flatpak Apps not with our PRM apps (It has been also mentioned on fedora magazine post article as well)

URL : Fedora and Parental Controls - Fedora Magazine

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So, a couple of issues I found in https://fedora.gitlab.io/websites-apps/fedora-websites/fedora-websites-3.0/editions/workstation :

  1. The “Why Fedora Workstation” section is stretched out, especially on my 1440p monitor:

    I have two monitors. Stretching Firefox from my primary monitor to my secondary monitor stretches it even more. I also noticed that it’s slightly placed at the left side of the page. I suggest making it more compact, the same way the “Great for Developers” section does:

  2. The “Features for everyone” section is placed at the left side of the page:

    The image and text should be placed at the center relative to the page, to address this issue.

  3. In the same section, images increase without limit depending on the width of the page. This makes images massive on ultra-wide displays:

    Having a maximum size for images should address this issue.

  4. Title casing is inconsistent:

    (and a lot more)


Great points! And thank you for testing and posting!

Would you mind fixing the capitalization issues yourself on the CMS? I think you have access! Would be a great test of that workflow.

All other points are well made and I’ll fix on the next pass now that i18n seems to be working.

Should I follow Fedora Magazine’s Grammar and style tips or GNOME HIG’s writing style? (Or something else?)

Up to you I’d say! Or @duffy do we have prior art on this?

@pboy worked on a draft style guide for Fedora Docs. Not hard to find if you know to look for it, but the doc says “do not link”, so I won’t… but I will note that it currently suggests using capitalization case for the main page title only — other headings are to be sentence-case.

Thanks! But in the meantime we discussed it, and it will be the Fedora docs style guide with some minor additions. And it is already semi-public in staging, and we will publish it hopefully next week anyway. So you may use it for discussion.

Thank you for updating @theevilskeleton - the capitalization and style on https://fedora.gitlab.io/websites-apps/fedora-websites/fedora-websites-3.0/editions/workstation looks good to me now.


Something I noticed…

Each version is updated for 18 months, and upgrades between versions are quick and easy.

I thought it was ~13 months?

(Also, this is unrelated, but where’s the background on https://chat.fedoraproject.org/ from?! I’d love to use it as a wallpaper :stuck_out_tongue: )

I just looked at GitHub Copilot’s website.

Notice how contents fade and slide through as you scroll the page. Animating the website with similar effects should make it more appealing!

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I visited the website on my phone and immediately noticed the video doesn’t match the laptop perfectly. I also noticed a weird line above the Fedora Developer logo.

I’d also like to mention that the Fedora Developer logo is low resolution.

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Ah you’re right @theevilskeleton Feel free to replace it with a higher res one if you have one through that same CMS. I couldn’t find a higher-res one when I searched.

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Thanks for the report! Mobile is still WIP but we’ll get to these.

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