Fedora Workstation 34 wont boot after NVIDIA driver installation


I’ve downloaded the .run file from NVIDIA’s website for my 3050-Ti-equipped laptop (Lenovo Legion 5).

During the installation, the following warning appeared:
‘Unable to determine the path to install the libglvnd EGL vendor library config files.’

I clicked OK and the installation continued and eventually it said the driver has been installed successfully.

I rebooted the system and now it won’t boot into Fedora, unless I use the Restore boot option for it.

I have two questions:

  1. How can I remove the driver?
  2. Is there any benefit to having the driver install for web browsing and a bit of programming? The laptop has an AMD 5800H APU which has its own GPU and, for gaming and CAD, I use Windows anyway.


  1. When you do the install from the .run file it creates a subdirectory from its location with the source then compiles and installs from there. IIRC you can go into the subdir and run a “sudo make uninstall” and it should remove all the installed binaries.

  2. Yes there is a benefit if you are doing activities that need the extra GPU power. If not then the AMD IGP may be quite adequate for you. Only you can answer this question since we are not party to your actions nor desires.

The likely cause of the issue is the error you posted about failure to install certain EGL files.

I would suggest that instead of using the .run file to do the install that instead ( after uninstalling that one) you use t0xic0der’s copr tool to install the driver that is already tweaked with all dependencies for use with fedora.

Thank you, I was able to uninstall it.
I noticed that trackpad gestures were gone while it was installed. Is this a known issue that has a fix?
Also, if I reinstall it, will Fedora only use the NVIDIA card (increased power consumption)?

Thanks agaian.

No, by default the IGP is usually used unless you have explicitly asked for it to use the nvidia, either for a specific app or full time.

OK. I think I’ll stick with the AMD GPU.