Fedora won "Most Memorable Booth" at SCaLE!

Blog posted posted to the Mastodon account. Thank you, @vwbusguy and @bcotton!

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Sad that I missed it but I made a mental note to attend So Cal Linux Expo next year!

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I’ve attended every year since 2010 and it’s definitely a favorite. It’s one of the more hobbyist-focused events, but since it overlaps with DevOps Days as well as Postgres and Kubernetes events, it’s also very easy to justify for a work conference if you’re a Sys Admin, Developer, SRE, DevOps, etc. I used to say that it paired well with OSCON, which was very commercial and showed off what is new and upcoming, and then you’d go to SCaLE where people would report what it was like to actually try to run that stuff in production and share battle stories for getting stuff to work. I’ve heard more than one person report SCaLE as “therapeutic” in that regard.

Because it started as a Linux install-fest, it still has a strong LUG presence, making it particularly useful for distributions to have a presence. Some of these LUGs have been around for decades and remain an important hub for connecting new users to Linux communities, so SCaLE is a great way to help those LUG users take the next step deeper into Fedora.

I still have a bunch more pictures. I’m not sure how many of them are Fedora specific, but if you want, I can drop a link here to a Nextcloud share to the uncurated group of photos.